On 19th of May, 2022 we had pleasure to organize FIDIC Training Module 1.

“Practical Use of FIDIC Contracts”

This practical training course, explained and illustrated the practical use of the FIDIC 2017 Conditions of Contract for Construction (the “Construction Contract”) and the FIDIC 2017 Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (the “Design-Build Contract”). The course was designed to help the participants have confidence in working with these documents whether representing Employers, Consultants or Contractors. It provided extensive checking measures and work exercises to give all delegates a comprehensive understanding of proper management of these contracts. Those who have limited knowledge about the 2017 editions of these FIDIC books are equally invited to take part, as the online course includes numerous references back to the 1999 editions, highlighting the major differences.

This training is organized and authorized by FIDIC Organization, and all participants received an international certification by FIDIC.

Our Trainer: Mr Zoltán Záhonyi

Mr Záhonyi has an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Budapest, 1991) and a post graduate degree in Law (Budapest, 2004). Zoltán has been involved with FIDIC’s activities since 2006. He participated in the updating of the 1999 Suite of FIDIC Contracts and he was a member of the FIDIC Contracts Committee (between September 2009 – December 2020), of which he chaired for four years (2015-19). He was also Member of FIDIC Yellow Book Subcontract Task Group. Zoltán is a FIDIC Accredited Trainer delivering trainings for FIDIC worldwide.

Zoltán is a FIDIC contracts expert, independent advisor, dispute adjudicator for the local and international projects, claims and variations management, taking part in large scale project preparation and management schemes for local and international projects. He also participated in the translation of several FIDIC Contracts into the Hungarian language.

To all participants, Thank you for attending FIDIC Training, and for sharing your valuable insights and feedback. We appreciate your contributions and hope that you found the event to be a valuable learning experience.

Next Taining is in November 2023. Module 2, Management of Claims & Disputes Resolution Under the FIDIC Contracts.