This practical training course, explains and illustrates the practical use of the FIDIC 2017 Conditions of Contract for Construction (the “Construction Contract”) and the FIDIC 2017 Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (the “Design-Build Contract”). The course is designed to help the participants have confidence in working with these documents whether representing Employers, Consultants or Contractors. It provides extensive checking measures and work exercises to give all delegates a comprehensive understanding of proper management of these contracts. Those who have limited knowledge about the 2017 editions of these FIDIC books are equally invited to take part, as the online course includes numerous references back to the 1999 editions, highlighting the major differences.

Ensure that your employees are prepared for working with these important documents, which are becoming the international contractual language of the 21st Century.

Trainer: Mr Zoltán Záhonyi

Mr Záhonyi has an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Budapest, 1991) and a post graduate degree in Law (Budapest, 2004). Zoltán has been involved with FIDIC’s activities since 2006. He participated in the updating of the 1999 Suite of FIDIC Contracts and he was a member of the FIDIC Contracts Committee (between September 2009 – December 2020), of which he chaired for four years (2015-19). He was also Member of FIDIC Yellow Book Subcontract Task Group. Zoltán is a FIDIC Accredited Trainer delivering trainings for FIDIC worldwide.

Zoltán is a FIDIC contracts expert, independent advisor, dispute adjudicator for the local and international projects, claims and variations management, taking part in large scale project preparation and management schemes for local and international projects. He also participated in the translation of several FIDIC Contracts into the Hungarian language.

Mr Záhonyi has experience of all facets of Contracts Management and Dispute Resolution on a multitude of civil works (detailed information about the trainer you can see at the site


Online Training Contents


Session 1

  1. Introduction to FIDIC
  2. Background to FIDIC Contracts
  3. Major Features of and Differences between the 1987, 1999 and 2017 editions
  4. 4. The Project Preparatory Phase – The Key Focus Areas & Pitfalls to Avoid
  5. Questions and Answers

Session 2

  1. The Engineer, Appointment, the Engineer’s Representative, Duties and Authorities
  2. Pre-commencement Meeting
  3. Contractor’s Representative
  4. Commencement Date
  5. Provision of Securities (Advance Payment -, and Performance) and Insurances
  6. Statutory Approvals and Permits
  7. Contractor’s Programme
  8. Contractor’s Cash Flow
  9. Access to and Possession of Site
  10. Questions and Answers
  11. Introduction of Case Work No 1



Session 3

  1. Discussion of Case Work No 1 Solutions
  2. Quality Management and Compliance Verification Systems (new in the 2017 Updates)
  3. Drawings for the Works, Design
  4. Contractor’s Reports
  5. 5. Subcontractors & Nominated Subcontractors
  6. Safety, Security and Protection of the Environment
  7. Other Commencement Stage Obligations
  8. Questions and Answers


Session 4

  1. Summary of Payment Systems in the Major FIDIC Forms of Contracts
  2. Bill of Quantities and Unit Prices
  3. Provisional Sums
  4. Variations & Value Engineering
  5. Valuation of Variations
  6. Daywork
  7. Measurement of Works
  8. Valuation of Plant and Materials for the Works
  9. Questions and Answers


Session 5

  1. Contractor’s Statements
  2. Interim Payment Certificates
  3. Interim Payments
  4. Delayed Payments
  5. Work Quantities Management
  6. Monitoring & Reporting Works Progress
  7. Questions and Answers
  8. Introduction of Case Work No 2




Session 6

  1. Discussion of Case Work No 2 Solutions
  2. Engineer’s Instructions
  3. Regular Progress Meetings
  4. Continuing Validity of Securities and Insurance
  5. Verification of Contractor’s Personnel and Equipment
  6. Samples and Testing of Materials, Workmanship and Plant
  7. Works Inspection, Testing & Acceptance
  8. Unacceptable Works, Notifying Defects & Remedies
  9. Programme and Cash Flow Revisions
  10. Contractor’s Slow Progress
  11. Works Suspensions
  12. Questions and Answers


Session 7

  1. Contractor’s and Employer’s Claims (new features added in the 2017 Updates)
  2. Documentation, Determination & Evaluation of Claims
  3. Delays, Extension of Time for Completion & Claims for Additional Costs
  4. Delay Damages & Early Completion Bonus
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. Introduction of Case Work No 3




Session 8

  1. Discussion of Case Work No 3 Solutions
  2. Inspection- and Test on Completion
  3. Completion and Taking-over
  4. Taking-over Certificate, the Snagging List
  5. Statement at Completion and Payment Certification
  6. Defects Notification Period
  7. Inspections and Notification of Defects
  8. Cost of Rectifying Defects and Damage
  9. Remedies for Non-Performance in DNP
  10. Extension of Defects Notification Period
  11. Further Tests
  12. Final Acceptance of Works, Performance Certificate
  13. Clearance of Site
  14. Contractor’s final Statement & Discharge
  15. Final Payment Certificate and Final Payment
  16. Questions and Answers


Session 9

  1. Disputes and their Avoidance (new feature in the 2017 Updates)
  2. 2. Suspension, Termination
  3. Termination by Employer arising from Contractor’s Default
  4. 4. Termination by Contractor arising from Employer’s Default
  5. 5. Termination resulting from Force Majeure
  6. 6. Employer’s Termination for Convenience
  7. Payment on Termination
  8. 8. Final Questions and Answers

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